A Program For Every Age and Experience Level



Fitness Boxing

This is not your everyday bag class. Instructors are going to put you through a variety of boxing movements and exercises to develop speed, strength and cardiovascular conditioning. The bag workout is modeled after the same types of training fighters utilize in preparation for a fight. A great opportunity to practice punching and combinations for both fighters and members alike.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is centered around techniques that allow a smaller, weaker practitioner to successfully defend themselves against a larger assailant by utilizing leverage and anatomic weak points. Most of the art involves ground fighting and applying joint locks and chokeholds to subdue the opponent. At Chute Boxe Professor Claudio Mattos brings a very authentic Brazilian grappling style to the gym. Very practical training that can almost always double as self-defense training. Classes are held in both the Gi (kimono) and No Gi (Shorts and T Shirt) Both classes are great for all ages!

Muay Thai

Chute Boxe is the premier Brazilian Muay Thai academy worldwide. With over forty years of rich history and decorated champions, the techniques are not only battle tested but have been evolving and improving since 1978. Grand Master Claudio Mattos instructs the most authentic Brazilian Muay Thai training sessions available. An incredible workout while working on traditional techniques under the close eye of one of the best Grand Masters in the world. Plyometric, partner drills, flexibility training, and controlled sparring keep all sessions unique and challenging.

Youth Jiu Jitsu

Learning a martial art at a young age can have multiple benefits in a child’s life. Each class is an opportunity to practice focus and discipline as well as a great opportunity for exercise, or just to burn off a bit of energy. Self-defense and confidence are both major focuses for many of the classes to help a student handle physical altercations safely. BJJ is a great supplement to other team sports and usually can fit into even the busiest of schedules.

Youth Boxing

Accredited, hands-on training guiding our youngest members to value hard work, respect, and discipline. Beyond just boxing, trainers promote greater health choices by engaging in discussions about nutrition, staying active outside of the gym, and ideas on how they can get the whole family involved. Chute Boxe knows that through consistent effort, our members learn the focus necessary to grow their skills, which ultimately builds the confidence they will need to be champions in and outside of the ring.

Power Hour and HIIT

Power Hour and HITT classes focuses on improving fight functional movement. Specific attention to hip control, explosiveness, flexibility, dexterity, as well as muscular and mental strength. Become more powerful and explosive while working on your cardiovascular shape with some of the best battle tested strength trainers around.

Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals

This class is a more laid back opportunity for members to learn and work on the more basic movements and techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Classes have a short warm-up, lots and lots of drillings, a small amount of instruction, and situation rolling at the end. A shorter, but intense practice. All belts and ages are welcome and the class is usually attended in a Gi but shorts and shirt is always welcome!

Intro to Muay Thai

Basic Muay Thai techniques and combinations instruction introduced on a heavy bag. With the same fitness output as many of the other Fitness Bag classes, this is a great way to get some great exercise while learning basic Muay Thai skill. After bag work the techniques are drilled with a partner then practiced during controlled, concentrated live situations. Safe, fun, and challenging. This class is a great way to prepare for Professor Mattos more intense authentic Muay Thai classes.

Martial Movements

This class is a great opportunity for all members and fighters to practice form and get busy to a bit of funky music. Instructed by a Kung Fu Master and kickboxing champion this class utilizes a blend of hard and soft martial arts styles. Perfect that punch, tweak that kick, and have a great time doing it!

Boxing Concepts

Boxing Concepts is a deep dive into both basic and advanced boxing techniques. Innovative training and instruciton, structured sparring, and new techniques fill each class. This class is specifically designed to help those who are wanting to compete, or those who want to understand the finer details of boxing.

Open Sparring

All of the training from the past week can be worked on and polished in this sparring session. This is an open gym session and people from other gyms are more than welcome to stop in for a $5 drop in. This sparring session is a staple of our academy’s culture. Open sparring is great for all fighters and members who would like to hone their craft in a controlled and friendly atmosphere.

Open Mat

An unstructured class time for members to get out on the mat and drill or spar with other members. A great time to discuss techniques and learn from others!


The advanced MMA class is a special opportunity for fighters to practice and receive instruction on practical fight situations while getting functional strength and cardiovascular training. Partner drills, cage work, striking training, and sparring. Both active fighters and regular members are welcome to attend and become a better mixed martial artist in this difficult class.