Improve your BJJ from Home

For some, the need to improve your jiu jitsu game does not start and stop at the gym door. Every hour of the day is an opportunity to get better at BJJ. Even for those of us with the most busy schedules, a small donation of time in the present can pay future dividends to your game.    Flexibility is a key factor in BJJ, and the more you have the better many would agree. Replicating stretching your gym does or looking up stretching/yoga workouts online can all add to your overall flexibility development.   Drilling solo drills that the [...]

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Flexibility Benefits

Stretching is, and always will be a part of every great fitness and exercise regimen. There are very few sports out there that do not benefit greatly from some kind of flexibility training and maintenance.    Benefits from flexibility not only stem from conventional gains, such as an ability to reach farther, flex or reflex a leg further, or even back and neck range of motion. Flexibility training can also affect one's ability to avoid injury during training, and even everyday life. Preemptively conditioning both ligaments and muscles to better negotiate stress and fatigue.    Flexibility training or stretching can [...]

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Is Muay Thai a good workout?

Traditional Brazilian Muay Thai classes are something that have been around for quite a long time. In cities like Curitiba, Brazil Muay Thai classes are one of the most popular ways to stay in shape. A place for friends and family to meet in the evenings to build the Muay Thai skill set, socialize, and get an amazing total body workout.   A traditional Muay Thai class consists of a warm-up involving flexibility training, body weight exercises, shadow boxing, and many other creative body movements to help develop not only strength and flexibility, but also specific skill sets.   Warm-ups [...]

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