Weight Loss for Combat Sports

The scale can be a real burden for any combat sports competitor. Large, unforgiving weight divisions can leave someone stuck between two weight classes, 10 pounds too heavy and 15 pounds light. The amount of resources on weight loss is almost overwhelming. Between TV ad fad diets, misinformation on the internet, and bad advice from fellow gym members, harmful weight loss practices can unfortunately be found in many gyms and online forums. Your best resource is an accredited dietitian, particularly one that has had previous experience with nutrition for combat sport athletes. Be critical of advice you hear from an [...]

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What is Vale Tudo?

Translated literally from Portuguese, Vale Tudo indicates “Anything Goes” in a competitive combat sport setting. At first glance this may seem more alarming than it actually is, with the phrase “anything goes” referring to the absence of restrictions on hand to hand fighting style and technique with no holds barred. Essentially, there is the smallest rule-set that restricts the fighters’ in technique in Vale Tudo when compared to other combat sport competition formats. For instance, in Boxing kicking or grappling techniques are not permitted, only striking with the frontal part of the fist. “Anything goes”  in the sense of style [...]

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