Improve your BJJ from Home

//Improve your BJJ from Home

Improve your BJJ from Home

For some, the need to improve your jiu jitsu game does not start and stop at the gym door. Every hour of the day is an opportunity to get better at BJJ. Even for those of us with the most busy schedules, a small donation of time in the present can pay future dividends to your game. 


Flexibility is a key factor in BJJ, and the more you have the better many would agree. Replicating stretching your gym does or looking up stretching/yoga workouts online can all add to your overall flexibility development.


Drilling solo drills that the Professor has you do during class is a great way to keep even the most basic movements sharp, or even training new ones. Shrimps, hip-heists, and bridges are your friend!


Body weight strength building is always a go to for many athletes while away from the gym. Even something as simple as a handful of push- ups and sit-ups on a consistent schedule in the morning or before bed can build a substantial amount of muscle.


Watching high level matches and low level matches can give you insight on what is working for some people, or show you “what not to do” in many cases. It is always fascinating to compare and contrast high level grapplers and their approach to the art.


Just remember time off is not always a bad thing. Heal your injuries to 100%, then find ways to develop and strengthen your body to help prevent future issues. Proper sleep is a sure fire way to feel your best when you get back to the gym. Take care of yourself!

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