Flexibility Benefits

//Flexibility Benefits

Flexibility Benefits

Stretching is, and always will be a part of every great fitness and exercise regimen. There are very few sports out there that do not benefit greatly from some kind of flexibility training and maintenance. 


Benefits from flexibility not only stem from conventional gains, such as an ability to reach farther, flex or reflex a leg further, or even back and neck range of motion. Flexibility training can also affect one’s ability to avoid injury during training, and even everyday life. Preemptively conditioning both ligaments and muscles to better negotiate stress and fatigue. 


Flexibility training or stretching can be done before an activity to prepare for what exercise or adversity training my bring. Stretching and flexibility training can also be completed after training, or even competition, to better help muscle recovery and repair. Stretching after exercise can also help alleviate some soreness incurred after a hard training session, as well as dissipate lactic acid buildup.


Bottom line? Stretch more and go to flexibility class!

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