Is Muay Thai a good workout?

//Is Muay Thai a good workout?

Is Muay Thai a good workout?

Traditional Brazilian Muay Thai classes are something that have been around for quite a long time. In cities like Curitiba, Brazil Muay Thai classes are one of the most popular ways to stay in shape. A place for friends and family to meet in the evenings to build the Muay Thai skill set, socialize, and get an amazing total body workout.


A traditional Muay Thai class consists of a warm-up involving flexibility training, body weight exercises, shadow boxing, and many other creative body movements to help develop not only strength and flexibility, but also specific skill sets.


Warm-ups are generally followed by technique instruction. After each instruction, participants have an opportunity to get a high amount of repetition of the techniques. This drilling and practice involves not only cardiovascular development but also attributes such as reaction speed, flexibility, spatial awareness, and even strength.


While getting a rigorous workout you are also critiqued by the instructor on ways to improve your technique. Students will be able to learn how to hold pads for a partner, trading roles as techniques change. Not only are you exposed to seeing an opponent’s offense through partner drilling, but you also develop the ability to help train others with pad work.


Generally, the final part of class is reserved for sparring drills or light contact sparring. this is an opportunity to train and practice the techniques that you had just worked on in a more live, yet controlled, scenario. Both fighters and students alike are able to train together sharpening each other’s skills while getting one of the best workouts around. 


Many academies will finish the training session with abdominal and core work, sometimes also developing neck muscles with specific exercises.

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